When your workstation is not starting up, or freezing when it does, when you constantly have to reboot, when you are seeing a blue screen and nothing else, or when you noticed that programs are moving unusually slow - that's when you know that your workstation needs a replacement.

Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. offers quick and worry-free workstation replacement services.

Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. is here to get you up and running again!

We sell workstations. We will not only configure your new workstation, but also deliver to your location and set it up on your network! The replacement procedure is very smooth, the new workstation will fit right in.

Workstation replacement includes all of the following and more:
  •   Install latest updates
  •   Move data from old computer to the new one
  •   Install and activate software
  •   Make part of the domain
  •   Run Microsoft configuration
  •   Check Device Manager for driver errors
  •   Remove unnecessary icons from System Tray
  •   Consolidate/remove promotional desktop shortcuts
  •   Set display settings, set power settings
  •    Configure Internet settings running RunOnce setup routine, set homepage.
  •   Update/install Java
  •   Update/install Flash Player
  •   Update/install Adobe Reader
  •   Update Windows Media Player
  •   Adjust Power settings
  •   Turn on Auto Updates, set to auto download, notify to install
  •   Turn on/off Windows Firewall
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