Look to Unique Computing Solutions, Inc. for expert advice when purchasing a Windows Terminal Server for your organization. Using their expertise and extensive field experience, our technicians will help you determine the type of server you need that will be compatible with your existing infrastructure and will fit your organizationís number of users and applications.

Once you find the server thatís right for you, weíll work with you to configure, install, maintain and upgrade your system according to your ongoing business needs.

We offer a free on-site assessment for businesses near you. Contact us now!

Why a Windows Terminal Server?
Easily Accessible
Your organizationís data will be located on one server, providing multiple users access to Windows-based programs from virtually any computing device.

Cost Effective
Rather than spending time and money purchasing software for each workstation, you can install and upgrade your software on the server, making it instantly available to all users.

Your organization will have a centralized storage and data backup system, eliminating the threat of hard drive failures common on standard PCs and providing preventative security measures such as virus scanning, spam scanning and spyware scanning all in one place.

Our Terminal Servers run and support a full spectrum of applications including:
  •   Centricity
  •   Misys
  •   Wind2
  •   QuickBooks
  •   Mosaiq
  •   IBM Client Access to AS400
  •   MS Office Suite for Remote Users
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