AvaLAN 900 MHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Radio (AW900xTR)

RF transmission rate 1.536 Mbps
Ethernet data rate 935 Kbps
Output power +21 dBm (4 Watts EIRP when used with 15 dBi antenna)
Receiver Sensitivity -97 dBm at 10-4 BER
Range 40 miles line-of-sight with 15 dBi antenna
RF channels/bandwidth 12 non-overlapping channels with 2.0833 MHz spacing and 1.75 MHz bandwidth
Frequency selection Automatic or manually selectable via web browser interface
Connector type RF: RPTNC Femail / 10/100 base T Ethernet RJ-45
Data Encryption 128-bit AES, FIPS197, keys set through password-protected browser interface
Error correction technique Sub-block error detection and transmission
Adjacent band rejection SAW receiver filter attenuates cellular and pager interference
Power regulation Built-in switching regulator
Browser management tools QoS Statistics, Network Settings, Spectrum Analyzer, Firmware Upgrade
Power consumption Transmit: 1.7 Watts | Receive: 0.8 Watts
Voltage 9 to 48 VDC via unused pins in RJ-45 jack - pins 4, 5 positive, 7, 8 ground
Transmit current draw 175 mA at 9 VDC; 140 mA at 12 VDC; 35 mA at 48 VDC
Temperature range -40° C to +70° C
Physical Package Heavy die-cast aluminum, black powder-coated finish, meets IP66 Standard for water and dust protection. Sealing gland for Ethernet cable entry.
Size 200 x 80 x 58 mm not including connectors; 0.570 Kg
Compatibility May be mixed in combination with AW900iTR and AW900xTR radios, not compatible with older AW900x, AW900xT, AW900i, and AW900iT

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